Yoga is an amazing way to find balance

Bringing a yoga Day or half day into the work place is a great way to get your team to relax, communicate and release stress.

Yoga is not just a physical practice. 
The word Yoga actually means union.
Yoga is more like a scientific approach to creating union – or a sense of balance and connection within oneself.

There are 8 steps in this scientific approach which is called Yoga.
The physical practice is just one of these steps.
Moral practices and a deep ethical code constitute the first 2 steps
Then the physical practice
Then comes breath work
Relaxation is next

These first 5 steps provide a wonderful exploration for a full days yoga workshop.

Whatever your idea or your personal needs we can facilitate a wonderful workshop for you and your team. Alternatively you can come to one of our pre-organised yoga workshops.  Please find a list of dates and venues below.