A mind coach is someone who helps you get the most out of yourself

Understanding a little how the mind works affords you some measure of power. It involves, relaxation work, unwrapping past negative programming, belief systems, emotional control, and goal setting. Working one on one with someone to overcome past programming or to figure out anxiety issues or self-confidence issues can be extraordinarily helpful.

However, in order for change to take place you need to feel extraordinarily at ease with your coach.  It is therefore imperative that you find the right person.

It is for this very important reason that we need an initial consultation with absolutely no obligation.  This way you can ask any questions you like and your Define First coach can also assess if you will work well together.

There will be homework involved and most people get insights and understandings very quickly in the process. At define first coaching we will have a definite goal in mind and will aim to reach that goal in 4 to 5 sessions, depending of course on the issues presented.

Working with people towards their physical goals has given me great insight into the issues that get in their way. Almost all the barriers are mental or emotional blocks… not physical.

We will work on any issues that you may have in different ways.  Tapping (EFT- Emotional Freedom Techniques), NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) being just a couple.  Movement, breathwork. The work will be catered around the client and will be bespoke in nature.

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