Are you looking to create a Wellness day for your team or department or for the whole company?

There are so many reasons why this is a good idea right now.
We have had a few really tough years in the corporate world as well as in our private lives.

From Covid to major unrest in our political system to rising energy prices and looming economic pressure.  It is hard to maintain positivity, creativity and passion in the work place with all this doom and gloom going on around us.

A Corporate wellness day may be a good way to start to reinvent your company culture and breath new vitality into your work place.

We can facilitate anything from a transformational week retreat or a long weekend re-invention process to a much smaller but very powerful afternoon Wellness Package or even a series of events that progress your initial idea so that it becomes embedded in the company ethos.

What Define First does particularly well is to cater to your precise needs.

We will come and discuss in length your requirements, what you would like to get out of the process, and then go away to put together a personalised bespoke package that meets those individual needs.