At Define First Personal Training we do several very important things

1. We do not set foot in the gym until we have defined exactly what you want to achieve and looked at your nutrition and done some very important mind work so that we start knowing that you are going to achieve your goals.

2. We work with your body fat percentage, not your BMI.  With this information we can monitor how much fat you are losing and how much muscle you are gaining.  It’s not just about the scales and this is very important for long term health and fitness.

3. We make it fun.  It needs to be fun.

4. Our sessions are short, so you are not in the gym for hours unless you want to be.  Quick.  Intense and fun start to your day. 

Physical training is also particularly good for your mental wellness. Fitting health and fitness into a busy work/life schedule is difficult and people often do not prioritise their own needs.  Not enough time in the day right. Well, no actually. The better you feel. The healthier you are.  The more energy you have.  When you prioritise yourself in positive ways you create more space for those who are special in your life.

To get started book a consultation call to see if this is the right way forwards for you. No obligation. If it is the right fit well then… let’s get going!