The ‘Lighten Up’ courses do exactly that… They Light you Up inside out!

Teaching how the subtle but vital chakra energy system works and how breathwork, movement and meditation can unblock and recharge it. 

This has the seemingly magical but purely natural effect of enhancing, uplifting and regenerating your entire life experience. 

When we injure our body, it hurts. Say we break an arm. We need to get specialist help to set it so it can heal correctly.

When we get hurt emotionally, it can be devastating, it hurts inside. We often don’t know how to fix it…
So we carry on regardless. This energetic injury distorts the flow of our natural energy, our life force.

It can make us feel low, anxious, distrustful, fearful, angry, sad, lonely, sometimes even depressed.

Often we turn to food, alcohol, sex, or drugs to make us feel momentarily happy and drown out the negative feelings however this often causes us to fall deeper when the effect of the chosen vice wares off.

By neutralising the energy blocking the system, our natural flow and love of life returns. We ‘Lighten Up’, full of energy and vibrancy once again, our will power enhanced and natural gratitude for life returns.

I have loved doing the ‘Lighten Up’ 5 Day Challenge
online with Tam. Feeling the energy flow is so relaxing.

Tam is on hand to advise and answer questions that may arise. The daily routine really sets you
up for your day ahead. I’m so looking forward to the full Lighten Up Course and would highly recommend this to anyone.

Thank you Tam

Rose Dipple

The LIGHTEN UP Challenge is an amazing programme and I would thoroughly recommend it to everyone. LIGHTEN UP is the tool kit for life that everybody needs.

Tam’s energy is magnetic and she is a great teacher to learn from. Nothing is ever too much trouble for Tam and she goes above and beyond for her clients to meet their individual and collective needs. Thank you Tam and thank you LIGHTEN UP.

Lauren Gowers

I found the Lighten Up 5 Day Challenge fascinating…
A great insight into how our thoughts can hold us back.

I’ve picked up some useful techniques on how to re-ground and reset the way I think and feel… and all Free of charge… What’s not to like!

Harriet Garstang

As with all her courses Tam packs a bundle of energy, fun & enthusiasm into the Lighten Up  5 Day Challenge. 

The course is designed to move energy through the chakras at the beginning of each day with is both energizing & relaxing. Working on a daily routine to incorporate the flow of energy through the chakras sets us up with a positive attitude & awareness to deal with the challenges of each day.  The course has provided techniques for re-grounding which have been particularly useful in these challenging time.  Don’t miss out on the next 5 Day Free Challenge!

Jade Sinclair