Define First

It is YOUR consideration that defines what you will be, do, and have.


Define First is a concept before it is anything else.

To live a life you love, you have to first define what a life you love looks and feels like.

What fills you with passion, drive and creativity?

What brings a deep feeling of joy and gratitude?

What lifts you up and makes you feel fulfilled and confident?

What do you need more of and where could you benefit from doing or having less?

Knowing your own criteria for personal happiness and contentment you can start to invite it into your life daily.

If we do not define ourselves, somehow, we give that power and responsibility to someone else.

So Define First is an opportunity.

A chance to Define First and then Live a Life you Love.

At Define First Personal Training we do several very important things.

1. We do not set foot in the gym until we have defined exactly what you want to achieve and looked at your nutrition and done some very important mind work so that we start knowing that you are going to achieve your goals.

2. We work with your body fat percentage, not your BMI.  With this information we can…

Define First is a unique, holistic and personalised approach to body and mind, combining deeply relaxing and meditative yoga sessions with mental techniques to develop greater self awareness and free yourself from limiting beliefs and behaviours.

The retreat – hosted by Tamar Groeneveld – is a fantastic opportunity to escape from daily life and gain a fresh perspective…

A mind coach is someone who helps you get the most out of yourself. Understanding a little how the mind works affords you some measure of power. It involves, relaxation work, unwrapping past negative programming, belief systems, emotional control, and goal setting. Working one on one with someone to overcome past programming or to figure out anxiety issues or self-confidence issues can be extraordinarily helpful…

The ‘Lighten Up’ courses do exactly that… They Light you Up inside out!

Teaching how the subtle but vital chakra energy system works and how breathwork, movement and meditation can unblock and recharge it. 

This has the seemingly magical but purely natural effect of enhancing, uplifting and regenerating your entire life experience. 

Yoga is an amazing way to find balance

Bringing a yoga Day or half day into the work place is a great way to get your team to relax, communicate and release stress.

Yoga is not just a physical practice. 
The word Yoga actually means union.
Yoga is more like a scientific approach to creating union – or a sense of balance and connection within oneself…

Are you looking to create a Wellness day for your team or department or for the whole company?

There are so many reasons why this is a good idea right now.
We have had a few really tough years in the corporate world as well as in our private lives.

From Covid to major unrest in our political system to rising energy prices…